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Humphrey 735 Visual Field


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The Humphrey 735 Perimeter, Field Analyzer II utilizes a computerized silent projection system to examine the patients visual field. Testing is performed with eleven test patterns with static threshold and screening strategies out to 90 degrees. A patented aspherically shaped bowl provides a compact ergonomic design to increase patient comfort. A video eye monitor enables the operator to align and monitor the patients eye position. STATPAC 2 expert system software compares test results to age- matched normative data. A CTR touch screen improves user operation. Data is stored via a 3 1/2 floppy.
The Humphrey Zeiss 735 Visual Field includes an integrated hard drive, increasing storage capacity and patient data backup. The Humphrey 735 visual field features Red on Blue testing, and comes standard with a keyboard.
This equipment is in working order- automatically takes readings, has a clear camera, is calibrated, and in excellent cosmetic condition.


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