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Humphrey 350 Auto Lensometer

Humphrey Zeiss 350 Auto Lensometer


  • 1,19500
  • Save $ 1,300

Humphrey Zeiss Lens Analyzer 350 gives you fast, easy, accurate Lens Neutralization for any lens:

  • Progressive Lenses

  • Prescriptions With Prism

  • Contact Lenses

  • Polycarbonate

  • Other High-Index Materials W/out Extensive Training

The LA 350 features an icon-based interface that guides the operator through the neutralization process. They provide continuous feedback and notify the user of special situations, such as lens aberrations or rapid power changes. The instruments automatically calculate the monocular and binocular spectacle PD without centering the lens. Just place the lens in the instrument and it does the rest.


6 month warranty included- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details



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