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Reichert AT-555 NCT


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6 month warranty included- parts and labor at our office.  Call us for details

The AT555 is ideal for your practice or consulting room. Fully automated operation means fast, error-free readings that any member of your staff is capable of making. It's easier on your patients and undemanding of you and your staff. No tonometer is simpler to operate. The AT555 is fully automated. Operation of the AT555 is extremely easy, patients simply lean against the instrument's forehead rest while the operator presses a single button to activate the fully automatic alignment and IOP measurement process. First time operators can be fully trained to take fast and accurate IOP measurements in minutes.


  • The AT555 offers easy operation for fast, accurate IOP measurements
  • No chinrest, joystick or elevation controls
  •  Patients simply lean against the forehead rest
  •  Alignment is completely automated
  • Easy-to-use, icon-based operating system
  • Clearly displays all measurement data
  •  Internal printer simplifies record keeping
  •  Electronic data transfer capability
  •  Maintenance free, with no bulbs to change



Left/Right Sliding Headrest

A sliding headrest enables easy head positioning for the patient to ensure fast and comfortable measurements. The operator simply slides the headrest to the left or right position and invites the patient to position their head against the comfortable headrest pad. The AT555 automatically detects which eye is being measured.

Bright LED Array for fast fixation

The AT555 nosepiece contains an array of bright red LEDs. These provide an obvious visual cue to the patient for fast fixation and alignment, thereby reducing measurement time.

Operator Interface

An "eye" icon on the display shows the operator how the instrument's auto alignment system is positioning itself to make a measurement.

Patient comfort is maximized

The AT555 does not utilize chinrests, joysticks or elevation controls. Patients simply view a fixation target - and moments later experience the gentlest air puff available on any NCT. The procedure is fast, quiet and convenient, with no patient discomfort. 



Height                           17 in. (43.0 cm)

Width                            9-1/2 in. (24.0 cm)

Depth                           13-1/2 in. (34.0 cm)

Weight Unpacked       30 lbs. (13.6 kg)

Frequency                   50/60 Hz

Measurement Range   0-60 mmHg


This equipment is in working order- automatically takes readings, has a clear camera, is calibrated, and in excellent cosmetic condition. 


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